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Matrix Hair Products

Matrix is a leading professional hair care and hair color company located in the United States who are also part of L’Oreal USA’s Professional Products Division. Matrix was founded in 1980 by an American husband and wife hairdressing team, Arnie and Sydell Miller. Before they founded Matrix, Mr. Miller was a hairdresser for over 20 years. Mr. Miller saw that the retail market was shrinking and decided to sell Ardell, his retail firm, in order to concentrate on building Matrix, which would market its products only to professional haircare buyers. He felt that in order to be successful, he needed more focus.

The Millers wanted to provide hairdressers with a comprehensive range of products that would help them grow their businesses and provide the means to take full advantage of their talent and creativity.

Now, over two decades later, the Millers’ original ideas still stand strong, and Matrix is committed to the development of the salon professional, offering a wide range of haircare, haircolor and texturizing products including: Biolage, Oil Wonders, Total Results, COLORINSIDER, SOCOLOR, Color Sync, Gloss Sync, Logics, LightMaster, V-Light, Vavoom, COLORGRAPHICS, Opti.Collection, Opti.Effects, Opti.Smooth and Style Wave.

Their vision is To build and unite the largest & best educated global community of hairdressers, fueled by expressive inspiration, uncomplicated products and services for all. Stronger together. Their commitment to minimize our impact on the planet, from the offices, to salons, and our consumer's everyday life. Together they believe that we can make an impact. They promise that with each new formula launched, it will be cleaner, each packaging will be optimized in recycled plastic or less plastic, and each time merchandising is put out we should ask if we need it or can we recycle it. 

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Cezanne Straightening Treatment


Are you looking for a way to tame frizzy hair? A keratin smoothing treatment could be just what you need. Cezanne’s Classic Keratin Smoothing Treatment smoothes all hair types, including straight, wavy, textured, and curly hair. Unlike hair straightening treatments, our formaldehyde-free hair smoothing treatments tame frizz while giving you styling options.


When you receive a Classic Keratin SmoothingTreatment, your stylist applies the treatment for about one and half to two and a half hours of service time. Then they let the treatment process for 30 minutes and rinse it out afterwards. Then they blow dry and flat iron your hair to seal the treatment into your hair, and you’re all set!

Some smoothing treatments force you to wait weeks or months before you style your post-treatment hair, but not Cezanne. Our non-toxic blend of ingredients allows you to style your hair in many different ways after you receive your keratin treatment. For example, you can blow dry your hair or put it up in a ponytail as soon as you receive your treatment. You can also color or heat style your hair immediately after you receive it. We designed our hair smoothing products to accommodate your hair styling choices.


Our Classic Treatment lasts up to five months on all hair types. During this period, you’ll have smooth, frizz-free hair. Our treatments reduce blow dry time by up to 50%, and since they keep your hair healthy and strong, you won’t need to rely on extra styling products to get the look you want. Also, our treatments allow you to change your look without affecting the treatment. If you want to wear your natural curls one day and flat iron it the next, you can do that without damaging the treatment, your hair cuticles and shafts, or its natural oils.


We keep all our keratin smoothing treatments formaldehyde- and aldehyde-free to protect the hairstylists and consumers who use our products. Smoothing treatments that contain formaldehyde and similar aldehydes expose stylists and their clients to dangerous vapors. For example, stylists have to wear masks when they apply those treatments to protect themselves from those vapors and other harsh chemicals. Some salons that use smoothing keratin treatments with harsh chemicals have to install eyewash stations to keep stylists and clients safe. We want to take the danger and risk out of providing clients with frizz-free hair. That’s why we never use formaldehyde or aldehyde in our products.

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This product is so incredible because it restores damaged and compromised hair by repairing from the inside out with a single patented ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, a single molecule, dramatically improves the hair strength, protects from within, and provides immediate results for all hair types.  This ingredient dramatically helps to repair the disulfide bonds in our hair which can be damaged upon repetitive color treatmeants. Our hair contains millions of disulfide bonds, these bonds give the hair its structure, strength and stability. Subsequent to the treatment all the bonds are re-intact and re-aligned, now you have healthy, beautiful, shiny, touchable hair. The patented active chemistry unlike other brands works on a molecular level.


The company is devoted to developing and maintaining sustainable products with environmental, social, and economic benefits while protecting public health & the environment over the entire lifecycle.

They believe OLAPLEX benefits go beyond healthy hair, understanding that we are responsible for creating as little harm as possible to the environment, and one way we do this is by limiting secondary packaging. Their efforts to reduce our carbon footprint are ones they are incredibly proud of, some of which include the saving of 27MM gallons of water, prevention of 17MM pounds of GHG from being emitted into the environment, and saving 21K trees from being cut down.

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